Who runs SPARK?

The Spring St Park Foundation (SPARK) consists completely of volunteers who live and work in downtown Los Angeles.

Are SPARK members paid?

No. All members donate their time and resources to operate SPARK.

How much does security guard presence cost?

Approximately $85,000 per year.

Does SPARK also provide cleaning and maintenance services for the Park?

Not at this time. The City is providing that, and we hope that it will continue to do so. If we acquire enough funding we do intend to augment existing cleaning services by doing more frequent power-washes and landscape maintenance. We’ll also be hosting community clean-up events in the near future.

Are my donations tax-deductible?

Yes! SPARK is a CA 501(3)c non-profit.

Does SPARK do more than just pay for security?

Absolutely. In addition to advocating for upgrades and improvements to the Park, we intend to host events of interest to the DTLA community. We also are actively soliciting the participation of artists who will install their works in the Park with the permission of the City and at no cost to SPARK. Eventually, and if we attract enough funding, we intend to work with the City to perform upgrades to the facility. Our overarching goal is to make Spring Street Park a treasured, invaluable part of DTLA.

How much of my donation goes to direct support of the Park?

100%. At this time we have no administrative overhead of any kind, nor do we pay for any sort of events, and SPARK members are not reimbursed for their own expenditures nor compensated for their labor. However, and again if we are very successful at attracting funding, we may in the future have to invest in occasional professional services for things like facility improvements. We will notify all if and when that becomes necessary.


$27,673 of $90,000 raised